The Moog

The Moog

Better yet, the Moog on an iPad?

According to the site, Moog Music a Moog Model 15 cost $10K. But there’s an app, now, for $29.95 — some restrictions apply — yet, still, as a chance to toy with one of the landmark machines that defined “digital” music?

I have a long affinity for “synthesizer” music, stretching to pre–pubscent fascination with ELP and Rick Wakeman, both with careers built upon the new keyboard instrument of the time, the Moog.

From the recesses of my mind, the various folds of memory, there, too, is an album cover, title? “Switched on Bach” No recollection about the music iteslf.

Model 15 – Moog Music Inc.

Model 15 – Moog Music Inc.

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