Symbols and Such

Symbols and Such

This was going to get wrapped into a horoscope, but I’m unsure if I can wait that long.

One buddy up in Austin had an image of his tiny plot of land that he’s farming. Urban farming, best guess. The Google Satellite image showed a small square that was diagonnaly hoed.

Rows stretched NE to SW, with a gentle bow in the middle, bending the shape of the field to the contour of the earth. Proper agrarian techniques, be my guess, consistent with whatever this week’s urban farmer is supposed to be doing.

Austin: all–natural, pesticide and chemical–free, pasture–fed, free–range, cage–free, vegan — again — just a guess. Safe bet.

There is a universal symbol for RSS Feed. Me? Following my advice, I found the similarity.

Seemed to escape some.

Symbols and Such

That RSS symbol seems to be everywhere, now, and yet, by some standards, it’s really a recent development, and its symbol? The radio bars blasting out, or whatever? I wonder if those show up in any Mayan glyphs, or Egyptian. Perhaps even Graeco–Roman?

Who knows.

Symbols and Such

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