Risk Adverse

Risk Adverse

As a counterpoint, with no disrespect, is it possible that starting a company and selling software — as an independent — is not Risk Adverse, at all? That single act, in the Wild West days of yore, that was an act of bravery and derringdo?

One would have to guess at the framework, and the note itself was framed as a note to a younger self.

If I had a time–travel chance to write a note to a younger me?

Simple enough, I would point out that those people who took advantage of my good nature, those folks who stomped, cussed, and spit upon me? Yeah, folks who took time out of their busy lives to make sure my life was a little more miserable, and that resulted in animostiy, ill will, bad feelings, complots and plots of muderous revenge?

Yeah, those people. Know what happens?

“Things don’t go well for them.”

Collectively. As a whole. All of them.

Yeah, “Things don’t go well for them.”

Let it go. Forgive. Maybe not forget, lest we see this kind of bad behavior again, but let it go.

I would make that promise to myself, if I just wait, that old wheel in the sky comes back around and metes out justice — with no help from the angry younger me.

Make sure the younger self knows that justice will be served — in high style — with no assistance required.

They will get their just desserts. There’s no need to try an assist karma, it will get taken care of.

Younger self would be well–served to learn to not to hang onto anger. It goes no where. Can be useful as fuel.

Those folks who screwed us over, so badly, before?

Yeah, “Things don’t go well for them,” not in the bigger picture, not in that vaulted long–run.

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