Weblog Categories

Weblog Categories

Think this was a commentary several years back, but as a putative website client asked about structure? I started with, “If I had to do it all over again? The weblog would be at the simplest of locations, kramerwetzel.com, not at either a dedicated URL or something that was internally fun and functional, but didn’t enhance clarity, like the fourteen years at kramerwetzel.com.”

“What’s a ‘xenon,’ that like a light?”

The purpose of the categories, and the nature of a dedicated web journal like this? I see it as three-fold.

Weblog Categories: astrology

    My primary — statistically and commercially successful — most popular content is about astrology. As I settled in, eventually, I became aware that this was the content more people wanted to read. Over the years, as I study and explore, there are “sidebar” items that demand, require, or encourage, further exploration — what this category is about. Whether explaining the effects of eclipses, or a single planet’s influence, like Neptune, this is as much my own notations as it is a singular published aside. With this commentary and when so tagged? Means — at least to me — that this relates directly to the art and science of astrology.

Weblog Categories: astrofish.net

    I wrote my first horoscope in 1987, and my material went online in 1993, moving to dedicated weekly web site in 1995, with, eventually, the first of the blog-type entries appearing there. If I ever get around and concatenate all the earlier material — it exists as static “old–school” HTML files — I would dump it here. As it is, I have neither time nor inclination, but moving forward, this is a super–set, catch–all category, as anything I do relates back to my primary work, whether it’s a book I’m reading, or recent excursion, best bet? It shows up in my work.

Weblog Categories: BexarCountyLine.com

    Moving to San Antonio around 2007? As a late–night lark, and a heady New-Moon project? I leased the domain name, BexarCountyLine.com. In my mind, it was a satirical commentary on Austin City Limits, and the domain was a placeholder for a few weeks. I gradually rolled it out as a daily photo blog because over the preceding years, I’d found San Antonio to be a visually appealing place — more so that Austin, oddly enough. Weirder, too, San Antonio is way weirder than Austin — but no one cares. Some of the images have stories behind them, and as that occurs, there’s a category for that.

Weblog Categories

After a year? Only three have emerged. The beauty of the format? I can grow it as need be, but for the time being, I struggle, but I’m keeping it simple. Long–form and short entries, this is a place for all the material that doesn’t wasn’t to fit any place else.

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