Lifestyles and Choices

Lifestyles and Choices

For some this would suggest a certain dedication to a “Lifestyle Choice,” and I’m uncertain about that. I have lived in trailer parks and cold-water bedsits in old East Austin. Not like that now, but seeing another story about living in an airplane gave me pause.

I’ve long since been fascinated with the lifestyle of the “Tiny House,” and toyed with such a relocation. However, there are shortcomings.

It’s about Lifestyles and Choices, and what carries meaning.

One of the prominent features of the tiny houses is usually a loft-style sleeping arrangement. My first introduction to a tiny house, the guy had a bubble from an alleged World-War II aircraft, as an observation post, inset in the roof, situated right over the head of the tiny loft’s “bed.” Made for great stargazing, I’ll suppose. Intriguing idea, but no, I lack the dedication to live in a trailer park or tiny house, anymore.

I like a minimal footprint, but I’ve got to have room for books, of the book variety.

The older I get, too, the idea of minimal footprint, carbon or otherwise, it is certainly appealing and intriguing, but the practical application, in my life, leaves much to be desired. A loft, or loft-like space would be super for storage, but I need a full-sized toilet and bed on a ground floor.

One must respect one’s own limits, imposed or otherwise.

However, the idea of the minimal footprint, the absolute least amount of space? Love the idea.

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