Both Teas are Unsweet

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Both Teas are Unsweet

When I lived up north, there was one kind of tea, ice tea. It wasn’t “Sweet” or “Un–sweet,” no, just iced. San Antonio introduced me to sweet tea. Since then, it’s become much more pervasive. The myth, true or not, is that the local BBQ chain, Bill Miller, promulgated the widespread consumption — at least here abouts.

While I won’t openly criticize “Bill Miller BBQ,” as it is a local establishment and a prominent downtown neighbor, I’ve been very un–impressed with the their smoked meats. Not bad, just not outstanding, not stellar, or, like one place in New Braunfels, truly transcendant.

Still, there is one consistent Bill Miller BBQ request. “Hey, can you stop by Bill Miller’s and gets some sweet tea?”

Xmas, spring fling, fishing trips, babysitting — it’s an almost universal request in my area.

“Hey, can you stop by Bill Miller and get some sweet tea?”

I’ve been assured, online someplace, there’s the exact recipe the restaurant chain uses. From my porous memory, I’ll recall, it’s basically a pound of white sugar in a quart of hot tea, super–saturated.

Both Teas are Unsweet

The image is here: Snoopy’s Tea.

For my own, personal tastes, I prefer un–sweetened tea. Always have.

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