Bare Foot Astrology

Bare Foot Astrology

In the last year or so, I’ve encountered a growing number of places that sell “Online Education,” as in, “Learn (some kind of) programming now!” Or, “Become your own boss with Web Design!”

Those were just the two, easiest examples to grab. There’s more than enough material about either topic, and the idea of an online teaching process is just adorable.

Looking at (the placement of the planet Mercury) in an astrology chart gives me clues as to how a person “learns,” how a person onboards education, or how a person appends data. It’s a clue about the process.

I signed up for a course offering hundreds of pages of data about a certain mechanical theme, and the course also offered tens of hours of video instruction. Audio files, dowloadable as mp3, faux CD jewel cases, all the good stuff. After listening for close to an hour, I clicked off. Wandered out of the room, and found something far more entertaining.

The idea of Internet Delivery is appealing, very appealng, but with the flood of material? Not all that useful.

Regularly $298, now on sale for $9!

How much of the $9 course will someone listen to? Free course? Read a free e-book?

    My books, like BareFoot Astrology, are available from Amazon, at Nature’s Treasures in Austin, and any other store that sells fine, astrological literature.

As always, there’s a digital edition available right here.

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