Backstory Dramatic Irony

Backstory: Dramatic Irony

It’s really only part of the Backstory: Dramatic Irony ….

First machine, first time I saw a portable computer designed strictly to produce astrology charts. Close to thirty years ago? It was about the size of a scientific calculator – had a tiny dot-matrix, receipt-style printer attached. Ran a little ticket out of it, like a cash-back thing. Had chart details.

Prior to that, I required two or more hours to do the math and even then, the calculations are subject to scrutiny. It’s about time zones, latitude, and longitude.

“The lower the latitude the better my attitude?”

With the growing onslaught of computer programs, I can cast a chart nearly as fast as I can type the data. With that, the integration of the data is what’s important.

Part of what Dramatic Irony (see for details) is about.

Dramtic Irony, as a title, suggests some literary background. Borrowing from that, and series of definitions, the plot is a sequence of events that occur in a story. The story is the emotional content, the sense about the sequence. The plot is what happens, the story is why it happens.

In my astrology practice, the plot is the motion of the planets, and the angles between objects merely plot elements. A good reading unfolds the story.

Dramatic Irony is the way a story unfolds wherein the reader, the audience, is aware of certain details, and the character himself – herself – is unaware of all the pertinent details.

Dramatic Irony

“Coming Soon, to booksellers near you.”

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