Sly Fox

Sly Fox

Sly Fox, in another guise, figured in one story from Drawer for Wishes, and then, when I did quick search, this popped up about the fox.

Originally, I would’ve called it a “silver fox,” but I doubt that, probably just the normal fox, adapted for the urban environment. The color of the fur was washed out by the alley’s mercury lights.

It was pre-dawn, behind a grocery store and adjacent to a large open space. I’ve seen hawks, owls, deer – two bucks, and many domesticated felines.

At first glance, I thought the fox was a large-headed, feral male cat, but the snout was wrong. I got a closer look, and there he was, cautiously turning tail and walking away, sauntering into some brambles and underbrush, perhaps a fox’s den within.

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