How the Void Moon Works

How the Void Moon Works

Previously, I’ve addressed the meaning of the Moon, Void of Course, or the Void Moon

But the other afternoon, while working in Austin at the rock shop, I had another perfect example.

An Example of How the Void Moon Works

The Moon was Void of Course, after it was new, in Libra. Besides the usual morning people, I saw no one for two hours. Then, as the moon shifted signs, from Libra, into Scorpio, with the exact moment, it hit Scorpio? There was a pair of attractive females, sauntered, lingering, meandering around the store. Moon slips into Scorpio? Boom, sitting at my table. Animated. Educated about astrology, articulate and fun.

The good times didn’t stop.

In the following hours, starting at the very moment the moon shifted signs, almost exact to the minute, business, activity, the tempo and pace quickened. Instenified. People were more on point. Laser-like focus, discernible actions, decisive directions.

Moon changed from bring “Void of Course,” to the next sign. It was like some flipped a switch.

Perfect example.

“How the void moon works — or how it doesn’t work.”


Void Moon

The Moon is Void of Course until 5:53 PM today, and Mercury is Retrograde, of course.


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