Il Bagatto

Il Bagatto

Il Bagatto – a search, physical search of the premises, totally unrelated, popped up one of my earliest Tarot Collection aquistions. I can recall certain specifics, the girl behind the counter telling me that it would be cool to set up at Sci-Fi convention, or something like that, since it was a unique “Robot” deck. Better yet, it was a sexy robot deck.

“Eye of the beholder,” and the deck came into my hands when One MegaByte was a big machine. Dates it all the way around.

I never got comfortable with the deck, and by the standards of the time, they were very expensive cards. Along with one or two other decks, though, I’ve pretty much shed the rest of my collection. This one? It’s a touchstone, of sorts, and then, I was wondering, perhaps something I should try to work with them again.

The Fool popped up, from the Dali Tarot with a clear Scorpio image. I would tend to read The Fool as a mercurial, especialy since my normal deck has a caduceus woven into the imagery. Or, frequently, depending on location, as Uranian Energy, the unexpected.

The symbolism of a card depends on time and location, the way I understand it.

That one Tarot Deck, though, it means almost too much to me to use. Been with me a long time, infused with all kinds of heartache and joy. I realize it’s nothing more than cardboard with images printed on the faces, but still.

Love, lust, betrayal, heartache, victory – it’s all played out in the cards.

Bexar County Line

What are in your cards?


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