Future Events

Future Events

The current program coordinator at Austin’s Nature’s Treasures asked what I would do to promote my in-store appearances.

What I do is very little.

It’s on my astrofish.net/travel: travel & appearances schedule, which, I might add, is the best, most up-to-date way to see where I am.

Where is Kramer now?

Future Events

The mechanics of the promotions are simple. I tend to grab a digital image of the hand-lettered sign for me, each time. Then, as the schedule fills out for The Rock Shop, I’ll use the previous week’s image of the sign as part of the rolling display.

I’ll publish my presence at kramerwetzel.com, usually “day of” timing. That entry, though, gets posted to twitter, then out to various other social media outlets, FaceBook, tumbler, and so forth.

Future Events are broadcast far and wide.

While I do very little, I have this automated in a way that there’s decent coverage and saturation, with little or no effort on my part, but that’s becaue I built this, from the ground up, to make it as easy as possible – easy for me.

So there’s a tremedous amount of media saturation, when I work at The Rock Shop with little effort on my part.

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