Social Media

Social Media

Friend of mine suggested Snap Chat. I declined. Earlier, it was Vine. Prior to Facebook, it was My Space. Facebook, as noted before, is really nothing more than a giant RSS reader, ingesting feeds and spitting out what’s been digested.

Social Media

Linked In feels like the business district of a major city, on a Sunday morning, maybe a breeze pushing a scrap of newsprint through the empty corridors of the streets, last week’s headlines while Twitter feels like the same intersection at noon on a Wednesday – thousands of conversational snippets, full of sound and fury –

Couple of other no-name “social media” sites have popped up, but as one efficiency expert pointed out, “Go to where the conversation is happening,” and for me?

I bounce material through that single twitter account, @KramerW, and I loosely monitor a Facebook page. Bout all I do, anymore.

Social Media

“Lechery lechery! Still wars and lechery. Nothing else holds fashion.”
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