Saturn and Neptune

Saturn and Neptune

Saturn “squares” Neptune


Exact dates?

Nov. 26, 2015
Jun. 17, 2016
Sep. 10, 2016

When I sit down across from a client, for a reading, I tend to cover basic material quickly. In the last few years, I’ve gotten in the habit of saying, “Recitals,” then following that with a short disclaimer, then rattling off pertinent chart data, like Sun’s sign, Rising Sign, Moon, Mars, and so forth. Typically, this is all at the beginning, and then I launch into more detailed information as planets and energies emerge. Depends, as each and every chart is different, but a couple of basic pieces in the astrological puzzle? Saturn and Neptune.

The last time this arrangement occurred, when Saturn squared Neptune? Pluto was still a planet, and Pluto’s highly elliptical orbit was inside Neptune’s orbit.

Saturn and Neptune

Back to the recitals? Saturn takes 28 years (+/-) to orbit the Sun while Neptune takes 164 years (+/-) to complete a trip around the Sun.

In a natal chart interpretation, Saturn is about structure and authority. Neptune’s symbolism in the same interpretation combines seemingly disparate elements of spirituality and escapism.

The last time this happened between Saturn and Neptune, portions of an over-inflated market crashed down. That’s the effect of buoyant optimism skewered by harsh reality. Some good, some bad, but in almost every example? An adjustment that was needed.

Saturn and Neptune? Adapt or die? I’d seriously not call it quite that harsh, but a few folks set on not changing?

There are three passes in this cycle, and the results will probably work out where that first pass is strong denial, with the second pass finally ripping apart the delusion, and finally, by the third pass, building on that which has been rent asunder.

Because this occurs in two fairly mutable signs, Sagittarius and Pisces? There’s going to be less conflict, and there’s a slightly more gentle way of accepted the consequences of these transitions.

Not that Sagittarius won’t occasionally make a big statement out of a small issue —

Short form advice? Up to three weeks on either side of the dates listed? Individuals willing to listen then question long-standing, deep-held beliefs? Willingness to change, even if that’s merely changing one’s outlook.

Each week, though, I’ll discuss these implications in greater detail in the individual horoscopes.

“Peace out.”

Saturn in Sagittarius notes.


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