Is Shakespeare better

Is Shakespeare better

Is Shakespeare better on stage or read?

This afternoon, I was walking and I had earbuds in, listening to Hamlet drone on about his station in life, and whether he was mad – or not.

There bits and pieces of the play that are just full of rich, wonderful words. Poetry, meter, diction, and, in part, the one I was listening to? Not all read well, but I’ve seen this play a time or two. Good and bad.

I stopped and made cursory notes, which means, later in the aft on, I’m looking at a digital copy of the text for that play, searching a phrase, teasing out a nuanced meaning.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Sir Ian as Richard 3, on stage. Makes his movie even more vital.

So very worth it. I like having the play in hand, to recall the poetry when it was properly read.

Is Shakespeare better

Is Shakespeare better read or seen, and heard?

Both. I don’t know if that was an answer.


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