Secondhand Souls

Secondhand Souls

Secondhand Souls by Chris Moore

When I realized that the new Chris Moore book was out, I hurried off to Barnes and Noble to fetch up a copy because Amazon Prime takes too long. However, first reading the Amazon Reviews reminded me that I needed to re-read A Dirty Job before embarking on the new novel.

When I pulled my copy of A Dirty Job off the shelf, my pristine first edition, I found that it was less than pristine.

Things happen.

I’ve long believed that books are meant to be read, fondled, interactive, penciled, penned, doodled, and otherwise consumed. Although, I still do enjoy some pristine first editions. I also forgot about the set-up for A Dirty Job because it was so close to home, in some ways.

My copy has been read, and it looks like an incident with coffee, details are murky. The story?

Wasn’t that long ago, I was in those neighborhoods in the Bay Area, and my sister is way more of an alpha male than I am. So the set-up, the protagonist (anti-hero, beta-male), it echoes my experiences. Re-reading A Dirty Job was good background.

Secondhand Souls by Christopher Moore, fun to pick up with the same characters, and to see the author develop more skills – anyone who can accurately – and in context – quote obscure Shakespeare plays?

“It usually takes like forty minutes to find the killer on TV.” Page 137.

Yes, specifically, Richard II quotes, used, in context. That was strange.

It’s offbeat, but most of that author’s work is, magical realism with dash of Left Coast insanity added to the mix.

What happens when more than one kind of deity gets mixed up in modern myth?

Secondhand Souls – Christopher Moore

A Dirty Job – Christopher Moore

Secondhand Souls: A Novel

A Dirty Job: A Novel

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