No Outsourcing

No Outsourcing

Short bit about outsourcing but not in the conventional sense.

However, when I look for a new book to read, the first place I tend read reviews is Amazon. Websites. Book blurbs, and then, book blogs. will never be a large company, but that’s by design. From idea and inception, this place is run as a lean outfit with basically one person in charge of everything. This insures a low-overhead with savings passed on to the consumer. It also assures that there are no duplicates, or last week’s message for Virgo is this week’s message for Sagittarius. As if.

The focus is on individual craftsmanship, and custom-manufactured horoscopes, one at a time. Better that way, and with such a tiny operation? More customized service for the individual.

The advantage is fewer filters. The disadvantage is fewer filters.

At least none of this is outsourced.

No Outsourcing.


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