One Trick Pony: Shakespeare at Winedale

One Trick Pony: Shakespeare at Winedale

I can’t recall, maybe two dozen yeas ago? I know, I had a Shakespeare at Winedale hat, only available the University of Texas Summer Performance program, now in its 45th Season.

Shakespeare at Winedale

Malvolio was pretty much de-fanged from other versions – Henry V was most noble, and Pericles was as played as high comedy.

I didn’t realize it, but one season? They featured the Henry 6 trilogy. Moving out of Austin, I lost track of the Winedale Program, but it’s been nice to “re-discover” it.

Scheduling and all, I couldn’t manage to see the Webster’s Duchess of Malfi, perhaps another season.

It’s some part of the University of Texas, I’d guess English Department, and the language was where the focus seemed to be. Which makes me happy, as it is all about the language used to tell the story. Any of the tales from this season? Predictable. I know how it ends, each time, and still, the ending is joyous with an emotional release, like at the end of Pericles, that just works.

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