Advocate and Fan

Advocate and Fan

Recycle and reuse. I’m a fan. I’ve returned a half-dozen packs and messenger bags to Timbuk2 before. It’s a good idea. Besides the karmic and obvious PR advantage, there’s another point, comes to mind, and the hot link is here.

Recycle, reuse, and research.

It’s that final element, research, that’s the one that must work best. Gets the manufacturer a chance to see what works – and what doesn’t work.

Advocate and Fan

Equipment failures are just a chance to improve design.

In that vein, all of life is experimental.

The fun part of what I do is that I get – at times – instant feedback. Other times, I have to wait for comments to cycle up at the foot the weekly column. Either way, part of the fun.

The challenge of being a horoscope writer? Not recycling last week’s trope. Some weeks are better than others. Does not mean that I don’t keep making an effort, each day.

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