Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter, the Sagittarius Planet, enters the Tropical Sign of Virgo on 8/11/2015. Jupiter marches smartly forward until right after the first of the new year, and starts to retrograde 1/7/2016, from 23 degrees to 13 degrees, going direct 5/9/2016, with a quick forward march until? Jupiter exits Virgo on 9/9/2016.

Old Jove itself, Jupiter, is frequently referred to as the Lucky Star. For one, it’s easily visible, arguably one the brighter planets in the night’s sky, and for two, it’s about the higher mind, the intellect, the concerns with our superior selves. Jupiter has been tied to lottery wins and other strokes of fortune, and as such, make it a popular – and easy – planet to predict with.

In the approaching year, in the Western Zodiac, Jupiter will appear in the quadrant of the sky named for the constellation Virgo, the Sign of the Virgin. What this means, overall?

Virgo is a Mutable Earth Sign. Associated with the 6th House. Virgo’s “planet,” its planetary assignment, is Mercury, the thinking one. For a comparison, Mercury is also assigned to Gemini, but that is obviously a communication planet, while the Virgo Mercury tends to be much more analytical.

Borrowing from a slightly different school of astrological thinking, and combining that with my own observations, this energy, over the next few months, the next year, is going to be a tad bit different.

But skip ahead, find your sign and see how that fits.


Jupiter in Virgo, for Aries? There is a mad dash to the finish and line, the point that Aries is looking for is that fine space between the last Mercury Retrograde in October and when Jupiter starts to slow down for the Xmas crush. All about timing. The Venus Retrograde, this year, that leads to Mercury Retrograde, this year, it’s a set up when all the pieces at work, in the Aries career, when all the pieces are tossed into the ”Bass-O-Matic“ blender, and set on ”blend." Will it blend? Up to Aries, because that fine planetary puree comes out this October, leaving November and the first few weeks of December to get the project whipped into shape. Work stuff. Work hard. See real result just after your birthday in 2016.


Jupiter in Virgo for Taurus? As the Taurus Planet, Venus, turns retrograde, this month, there will be a general series of problems for most Taurus. The innate ability to turn a situation around, the skills that usually allow for a Taurus diplomacy to win the day? Gone. All gone, for a little while. Still, since Virgo is a compatible sign, there will be time, mid-October to mid-December, to work towards some goals. The typical Taurus honey-ed words start to work again. Eventually, before this is all over, it will be quite good for Taurus, provided, provided that Taurus takes a (calculated) leap of faith to advance an agenda, whatever that is, personal, professional, either way. Or both, really.


Jupiter in Virgo for the evanescent Gemini? This brings a highly unstable, but ultimately beneficial, kind of energy. Unstable because Jupiter pushes for new highs and new lows, while the most efficient use of the energy is to compile ideas, plans, fall-back plans, back-up, fall-back ideas, and tertiary plans. In traditional astrology, this isn’t a good placement, but with my version, this useful energy can harnessed correctly. “Harnessed” is a complete misnomer. Realize that Jupiter can make a Gemini appear more manic than usual. Means the ideas are there, those ideas just need to be duly noted in some form. If your Gemini selves don’t record the concept, we have no way of keeping up with you. Them.


Jupiter in Virgo for the illustrious Moon-Children, the sign of the Crab? I kept thinking of a Cancer girl I knew, and she inspired poetry. Not free-verse, not “Free Bird,” but lyrical posey that had meter, rhythm, and cadence. Could be lyrics for a song, could be a ballad, or epic cantos. It’s about being inspired, and then, using that inspiration to find the essence of the message, stripped away, down to the bare bones of the signal. Instead of a direction, this next year with Jupiter in Virgo, for Cancer? It’s a question, about how to communicate what it is you feel in your heart.

The Leo:

Jupiter in Virgo for the majestic Leo? I have a new idea, and it doesn’t matter what generation of Leo you might be, but try this, “Less is more.” Two clues: Retrograde Venus when Jupiter enters Virgo, and next year’s Mars in Retrograde both of which carry heavy symbolism for Leo, The Leo, the best of the best. You can give it up voluntarily, or you can have it ripped from your grasp. Can be an object, a treasure trove of earthily possessions, or it can keepsakes that were meaningful at one time, or, this can be ideas and ideals, a belief system firmly adhered to, that might need to be re-thought. Less is more, dear Leo, less is more. Little secret for the next year.


Jupiter in Virgo for Virgo? In its original iteration, Jupiter was thought as nothing but brilliantly good stuff for the next – almost – 13 months. Cool! Here’s the deal: do the deal. Can’t win if you don’t play. Engage this energy and realize that there’s a series of “inner-planet” retrogrades over the course of the next year that are times to pause, stop, assess directions and goals, and then? At the end of the planet retrogrades, make such course corrections as need be. This starts out with Venus in a backwards pattern, then Mercury, then, Mercury again, then Mars, and see where this is heading? I’m here for you, as need be, but there will be numerous “course corrections” required to help get the most out of Jupiter in Virgo for Virgo. Course corrections. Pay attention, and you could win the lottery – or some similar huge windfall.


Jupiter in Virgo for the Libra class? A while back, I ran into a traveling catholic priest, he worked a South Texas circuit. I bought him a cup of coffee, trying to pay it forward, and we chatted for a spell. Our conversation reminds me of what can happen during this next year, for Libra: epiphany. When talking to me, that priest was not burdened by traditional semantics. He deftly crossed borders and I was enlightened, enthused, and I felt like I had talked with – to some people – it was like being touched by the Pope. Humble guy, I asked about his “calling,” and he shared his views, and I was left with a greater sense of hope for humankind. Jupiter, in this position (Virgo) does that you, or, at the very least, makes this possible. The pieces are in place, for a whole year of awakenings like this.


Jupiter in Virgo for Scorpio is about making a splash. The next few months should be about getting that “Scorpio Swimsuit” image shaped in your Scorpio mind. What happens, between mid-October 2015 and May 2016 is what sets the tone. It’s now, here and now, in the present that getting ready for that “Swimsuit Shot” is the goal. The term refers to an image, probably digital, that feels like it exposes more Scorpio Self than one would like. Still, there is a sense that Scorpio has some control over this, so use that wisely. Start preparing for that “Swimsuit Shot,” however that may happen.


Jupiter in Virgo for Sagittarius? As it is “our” planet, the Virgo Nature, while we respect that keen intellectual, analytical bend, it doesn’t always work well with the Sagittarius expansive attitude. There’s the other patterns, over this year, shared with Jupiter in Virgo, all of this sets up for an intellectual overhaul. Perhaps revamping the spiritual practices in the Sagittarius life, perhaps adding a new course of study, or some similar metaphysical pursuit. Another degree or certification? That extra layer of Virgo energy leavens the mess, adds structure and detail-oriented process to help the occasionally vacuous Sagittarius brain focus.


Jupiter in Virgo for the earthy equivalent Capricorn? This is a stabilizing fact, as the ups and downs of the next year promise to pave a way for greater emotional, and financial, stability for Capricorn. There are two, maybe three problem areas that need to be shored up, braced, bricked, new foundation poured? Something. That effort, where the attention is needed, and then the steps to correct the problem? Self-evident for Capricorn in the ensuing year. Plus, bonus here, Jupiter in Virgo will help make the pathway for Capricorn clear, with an easy trail to follow.


Jupiter in Virgo for Aquarius is simply put, “A numbers game.” All a matter of numbers, now. It’s easy to see that you can get exactly what you want, by asking. It’s easy to see, you might have to ask more than once, but a polite yet persistent effort will see rewards. Not without the usual warnings, but none of them are dire. It’s about asking for what you really want, then trusting the process will serve your Aquarius Highest Good. The other allusion to, “A numbers game” implies that repetition yields results. “Are you sure?” Yes. “No, I mean, are you really sure?” Yes. “Quite sure?” Yes. Repetition yields results. It’s a numbers game, in favor of Aquarius as long as Jupiter is in Virgo.


Jupiter in Virgo is opposite on the chart wheel from Pisces. As this Jupiter opposition waxes and wanes, its influence is powerful and quite good, but with the Neptune factor worked in, too? And the Saturn square? To make the most of this, be ready to jump on opportunities as soon as they appear. The planets serve up some rather tasty nuggets, but none of this is delivered in a peaceful, easy manner. When there is an opening, a slim chance to make a break? Less time spent thinking about it, more time spent doing it. That simple. There will be three failures and four or five successes. Good odds. Have to be willing to occasionally fall on our face to get the biggest prizes, which, in part, is what Jupiter in Virgo promises.

Jupiter in Virgo

I tend to do a yearly overview at the first of the year, and that includes the retrograde patterns, influences in a general way. This year, as an example, with the thin, 2015 white paper here. I’m sure the rest of 2016 will be ready to be presented in full, living color in a few months. This is just handy overview, in preparation for a lecture on Sunday, July 12, 2015, as a part of the Spiritual Life Productions event listed under travel, and appearances.


As with all astrological events, dates should be considered approximate, depends on time zone and other planetary fluctuations as well as perturbations in orbits. Your mileage may vary.


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