Tracking Your E-mail

Tracking Your E-mail

Talking with an Aquarius client the other afternoon, I was listening to tales of how the client’s customer had opened and read an e-mail message three or four times, in the course of an afternoon.

To me, this is is an invasion of privacy, and I have a very clear guideline for privacy, see the fine print for details. Then, too, there’s the other consideration….

For years, I included a tiny image as part of my e-mail signature. The purpose was to track where the e-mail landed, how it got there from here. Instead, it was too much trouble, too onerous of a task, and too “not worth it.”

Imagine poring through a seemingly endless scroll of IP addresses with access points, and bounces, and spurious information that really doesn’t matter. Too much noise, visual or otherwise.

Nope, not worth the effort.

The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.

    Dick the Butcher in Shakespeare’s Henry VI pt. 2, Act 4, scene 2, line 40


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