Door Into Summer

Door Into Summer

Two copies of the classic, The Door Into Summer

Weird to find two copies of the text in my library, but there it is.

One with heightened emotional content, and one with obvious historical value to me. Finally, there’s a third copy, nowhere to be found, that was spare I picked up for a transatlantic flight. Think I tossed that one, at some point in the journey, its mission flown.

That book, inadvertently, is about Time Travel. Must’ve read it three times now?

One professor, I still recall his take on the novel, his take-away teaching point? It was about a cat that would wonder which door lead into summer.

I read the book as a teen, then again in college, or at the university, and then, at third time, transatlantic flight, one summer. Or winter, I don’t recall.

Made for an interesting visual, for me. Rather odd to have dupicates in my collection of books.

The Door Into Summer – Robert A. Heinlein

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