Exercise Kit

Exercise Kit

While this innocuously titled Exercise Kit, what I really wanted to name it was Exorcise Kit. Got to remember this is for Grace’s haunted trailer.

“You’ve slept in it,” she said, “you know it’s not haunted.”

Her last daughter – also Leo – completing her first graduate degree, swears on all that is holy, that the guest suite, a fifth-wheel rig, is haunted.

Not unlike my Mercury Retrograde Rituals, there’s an answer for that trailer.

The first part is the candle. The second part, ongoing, I’ve got this one, a St. Benedict talisman.

The idea of an Exercise Kit

In an earlier time, one of my professional associates, a very dapper gentleman from West Texas claimed that all of us who work in the hoary arts, we’re all “spooks.”

This is a visual of a collection of tools, redneck, ghost-busting set of tools. Me? I live in South-Central Texas, HEB is a local grocery chain, and almost all of these tools are available at the grocery store. The kit contains a reversing candle, some Jet Fuel coffee, some Hazelnut coffee, two old flash drives with music, and a St Benedict medallion.

Pretty sure the HEB Plus super-size stores carry the flash drives. How to deal with The Haunted Trailer issue?

The kit is more about just expressing gratitude, but the candle, burned all the way through, drink the coffee, place the medallion in the trailer, and have Bubba listen to the music all the way through. There’s bound to be something in there that will make his ears bleed. It’s all metal and country.

Twang and bang your head!

Scare any entity out of that trailer for sure.

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