Cheap Stuff

Cheap Stuff

It’s not really about Cheap Stuff, but it should be, as I’ve got prices starting at “free,” and going up from there.

I was looking at computer information site, link from a link, and across the top of the page, there were various headings like, “Presenting,” “Products,” “E-Learning,” “E-Commerce,” “Membership,” and so forth. Each menu-link title led to a spearate sales page for each category.

As a current industry leader, I would think that his page reflects best practices in design and implementation. From that perspective, we both use similar motors and similar wire frame outlines. I have much less emphasis on “revenue generating material” because that comes across as too pushy, to me.

Besides, if i were to try and break down further than it is?

There’s BareFoot Astrology the video version, or BareFoot Astrology the book, or, on occasion, like up and coming in El Paso next BareFoot Astrology the stand-up comedy version. Or “stand-up astrology” as I tend to think of it.


So which one should that be listed under? “Presentations, Products, E-Learning, and E-Commerce” all come to mind, at first. Then, for appearances, travel, and pesonal readings, again, there’s a plethora of headings on that one site. On mine?

I keep it simple, all travel, appearances and possible local venues where I’ll be seen?

It’s – – that simple.

I’ve got cheap stuff starting at “free” and ending at about a hundred bucks for an hour of my time.

So what are best practices? I prefer simpler.

I’ve noticed that “simpler” is taking over. I would hope so.

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