9. outside of the comfort zone

    9. Do something outside of the comfort zone.

The List.

9. Do something outside of the comfort zone.

It’s almost a mantra, these days, oft repeated to clients, whenever applicable. I’m not talking about skydiving. That’s not one step outside of my comfort zone, that’s just statistical – satirical – stupidity.

Maybe a half dozen years ago, a comment from the then girlfriend, “You want to go to a meditation class with me?” Opened up new avenues.

That was outside the comfort zone. The first time I departed from Texas lakes to Texas coastline, that was a small, natural step outside my comfort zone.

The first iteration of my blog, in its different iterations and formats, kramerwetzel.com was a singular departure from my comfort zone. Who knew “blogging” eventually became a thing?

Early adopters and now, it still about one step outside of the comfort zone. No, no skydiving for me, that’s more than one step, it there’s always the challenge. One step away from what is comfortable.