Pluto Square Uranus

Pluto Square Uranus

Quite possibly, this would be one of the final passes from this particular planetary arrangement, Pluto Square Uranus.

While I’ve addressed this before, in the past years, mostly featured as Uranus Square Pluto, I’m changing this up a little because I had a perfect example of the energy, manifest in a proper form.

I’ve moved to a suburban manse, on the fringe of rural without it being truly rural. Moving itself is largely cathartic, in my situation — hence putting Pluto first.

But this isn’t about me. This is about a fishing buddy with a couple of kids.

We were standing in the rock-strewn front gravel of a driveway, and I was handing his kids back to him, making noise about football, and future fishing trips.

One of his kids is fascinated with the new mail box. We followed her out out the edge of the street, no curb, and a neighbor’s kid goes motoring by, compact car, moving at a fair rate of speed. Safe for the neighborhood, but too fast for my buddy’s tastes.

“You think he’d slow down with kids around…”

More than five years back, same fishing buddy, we were in the habit of day-trips to the coast for fishing, and he let me drive. Once. After that, my three-hour trip? He could do it in less than two. Yes, I’d let him drive, drive fast, flying low and just under the radar. Again, the folly of youth.

I’d call it ironic, but it’s just a comparison, not much else, certainly not ironic.

Pluto Square Uranus is about change, quantifiable, verifiable, direct change in a particular direction.

For one, my buddy never pays much attention to anything I “write on the internet,” and for two, I think I’ve earned a right to use this as a perfect example of Pluto Square Uranus, and what it means.

Prior to being fried by Pluto and Uranus, he was a youthful, reckless, fast driver. Seasoned in the interim with kids of his own, and concerned about his own children’s safety, he’s suddenly concerned about reckless youth, speeding down the street.

Am I the only one who sees this?