History Rewritten

It’s more about the narrative thread and less about how one writes history, but the funny comic? Nails it, especially in light of the recent upheaval about “American Sniper.”

Saw the movie. Didn’t read the book. Respect the movie-making and respect the fictionalized aspect.

Watch the credits, the sniper was part of the production crew, making sure the story was told accurately.

The lack of maudlin sentiment, and the accurate portrayal of PTSD, now an acknowledged problem, sure goes a long way to understanding how war works.

Then, too, fiction, film, and reality collide.

The power of the press and the way a storyteller can make — or break — history, there are two examples from Shakespeare, his Richard III and then, Henry V. Numbers and facts are loosely connected in those plays, just as an example.

It’s about the tales we tell ourselves, and history is usually written by the winners.