Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security, hackers, and the safety of the credit card.

At the turn of the year, new start, I was looking over my myriad of processing gateways. Here’s the deal, in light of the Chick-Fill-A, Home Depot leakage?

Could be a problem, but as of three, four years ago, I quite storing client credit card data.

“Just charge my card, you have it on file, right?”

Uh, no.

While I really do run a tight organization, one of the secrets to unparalleled security?

I don’t store any credit card data on my server, in my office. Not on my person. Not on any of my hardware; not in any e-mail.

Cab’t be held liable for something I don’t have access to, and these days? Can’t be too safe.

Always practice safe hex.