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The Signup Process

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I got notice that one of my subscriptions to a tech(ish) website had lapsed. Pointed my web browser to the site, and the credit card transaction took less than 30 seconds.

See if it works for my site, special deal today, today.

The backend of the tech is more secure, but with any of the payment gateways I’ve used, I retain no record of the client credit card. I might pay a slightly higher transaction fee, but that’s been leavened out with recent strides in micro-payments, and 3% isn’t too high, not for the added security of me not retaining sensitive file data.

My interactions with various payment gateways, PayPal was always a favorite, but it’s starting to fade, as either the app-driven Flint, or the now-ubiquitous Square work for my face-to-face, and I’m looking for something as simple – and secure –