How eBook Distribution is Broken

How eBook Distribution is Broken

How eBook Distribution is Broken and how to fix it!

The first part was a title for an article. No link, not germane to the discussion. I asked my Red-Headed Capricorn friend, she was along for the ride on the birthday fishing trip, I asked her how many books she bought in doubles, like, the digital copy and the hardbound copy?

“Seriously? None. Books take up too much space, now.”

She was toting an iPad Mini, she also has a Kindle, a regular iPad, and now, a new iPhone. She sat there, reading her daily web-fix of gossip on her phone.

“They updated this one site, and it looked like hell on an iPhone, so some guy just laid it out like it used to be, and now? Everyone goes to the new ‘old’ site.”

The problem with eBook distribution is the same problem that music faced, at first.

Why e-book distribution is broken.

When I publish, I stick to the top three available formats, regular print, Apple’s iBooks and Kindle. Kindle is a leader, Apple’s iBooks uses a similar file type for the foundation, and some folks still prefer print.

Apple’s iBook format, delivery, and execution, is about two steps above Kindle, at least, for me, as I’m part of the Apple eco-system.

The secret for making this better? PDF. Incidentally, all of my works are available, directly from me, as PDF files.

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