Minimalist Gear Bag

Minimalist Gear Bag

Almost inspiring article about one couple’s travel gear. Claims to have lived out of a backpack for the last few years. The joy of youth, travel, the allure of the open road.

I’ve long toyed with variations on the themes of Minimalist Gear Bag, but I keep coming back to a similar, albiet it much different, solution.

And another take, same message I’ve used or years, about minimalist gear. In that case, software.

Echoes back to my much older point-by-point ideal of the Double S.

In other versions, I’ve written about minimalist gear for myself.

I foresee no situation where I will be out in the rain for an extended length of time. Not happening, these days. Most I do is moderate walk to the motel, or every once in a while, the walk from the El Paso arrival area at the airport to the hotel. Nine-tenths of a mile, and even then? The suitcase is on wheels.

The second minimalist reminds me of a story, possibly apocryphal, about the guy who plays guitar for ZZ Top. The legend, I heard this from a local musician, plus a “friend of a friend,” which means it might not be true, but it feels true, so anyway, the story?

He can pick up any guitar and make the guitar weep. He can get that tone out of any guitar he lays his hands upon. Many other musicians spend long hours looking right gear, and here’ one of the industry leaders, which proves, it’s more abotu skill – more about feeling – that the actual equipment.

I tend towards Apple gear, as it seems to work best, but I’m more interested in less between me and the finished product. Towards that end, even a simple iTablet works fine for generating content.

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