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Magazines and more, web page, blog? Which is it?

Yes, like others, I’d love to see my material in an app, or a magazine that gets paid for via the Apple eco-systems, but the effort required?

It’s about what works and what doesn’t work.

My background includes old-school layout with wax and strips of printed paper, photgraphed then repoduced on a high-speed press. Real ink, on pulpy newsprint rag.

I skipped several layers and jumped straight to pre-press on a computer screen, and desktop production, and from that, I helped pioneer the “Internet-only” delivery model. I’ve also trimmed back, trying to focus on the type of work that I do that is most productive, for me and the client. Most fun for me, is important.

When I finally shifted to WordPress-only deployment, bloggy-style, so to write, I realized my goal of “Word Processor to Web” work flow.

What fits my material?

If I were to “do this all over again,” or if I were to embark on a ground-up re-design of the whole operation?

I’d make it simpler. The weekly column and “web-journal” would be running off the same motor, as would the various photo-blogs I’ve run. All under one URL. As it sits, I’m down to about three sites that require maintenance, but that’s still one or two too many.


The biggest problem with all the eggs in one basket scenario? Baskets like that tend to suffer under server-crushing pressure, like the rush for the weekly column. Management, paid subscriptions, and my own, general obtuse nature helps keep that from happening, but there is that thought, just one site instead of three, or five, as I was up there at one time.

My material is too long for print, and best suited, as it is what I’ve been doing, for its current format. Sort of blog-style, sort of not. In my mind, it’s still a weekly column that affords me the pleasure of a daily blog. Two, in fact, as one is merely images, and this one is written words.

Weird, eventually, years later, science supports my thesis about using micro-stories as a way to illustrate astrology energies – better yet – not constrained by a particular format. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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