Apple Pay

Apple Pay

The last of the Xmas stuff, ahead of schedule? I was picking up the annual Xmas gifts, gift cards, in Austin’s Barton Creek Apple Store. I used to like the old location, park by Nordstrom’s, and the store was right there. The newer store is bigger, but harder to navigate to, and it doesn’t matter?

Apple Pay is making a big splash, but that wasn’t exactly what I was doing there, I was paying Apple for the store credit cards.

Sidebar item, from a two-year old note, about how Apple Stores generate more dollars per square foot than other retailers.

In the Barton Creek store, I was meandering, avoiding the first tattooed red-shirt person, then dodging the second one, too, passing table after table of with hardware, I really had two goals, the aforementioned gift cards from the Apple Store, and then, I wanted to see if I could plug an iPad, this iPad, or an iPhone, into a guitar amp. The other goal in Austin, besides, family? Cruise a few pawn shops for a “gently used” guitar amp, preferably, a half Marshall Stack.

The last place I lived in Austin? Shady Acres Trailer Park was close to the Texas School for the Deaf. So when a pleasant, no visible tats, young woman approached me at the Apple Store, I nodded. She typed into a spare iPad she was carrying, “How can I help you?”

I believe she was deaf-mute. There are times when I wholly unable to hide my joy, as I got a huge grin. She could read lips a little, and I was having problems typing into her iPad, but I couldn’t help but be happy. She was useful as any other Apple employee, and she seemed to try a little bit harder – always appreciate that extra effort.

There are bits of humor lost in translation, she didn’t get the “Do you take cash” joke. Then again, not all my jokes like that are even funny these days.

I was in an out in a hurry, and the store itself didn’t carry an iPad to Guitar Amp cable, but after checking on it, she assured me I could order it online.

Absolutely dreary “psychotic ex-girlfriend weather,” sunny, pouring rain, balmy, cold, streaks of sun through the dark clouds lowered on our heads, just weird. I was smiling broadly as I left the mall, my Xmas shopping done for family. In subsequent rain, though, I started to wonder if I should write about it. Should I mention the experience? How delighted I was that a person with what some would call “disabilities” helped me?

The experience was so positive for me, such a life-affirming event, I think I have a new favorite Apple Store. Austin’s a little far to just stop by, but I’m sure there’s a none-too-subtle message encoded therein.

Looks like I’ll be able to accept Apple Pay, via Square, in the next year.