Software Tools: Piezo – the app –

Keeping it simple, like really simple?

Piezo – Rogue Amoeba Software

The term “piezo” probably derives, in my mind from “piezoelectric,” which refers to the parts that turned voices into electrical signals.

It’s a very simple piece of software. It looks like two little meters, and there’s one button: red. It starts the recording. Not much in preferences, super simple, and very straightforward. Love it. Audio input levels, and clock/counter.

There are other options and for years, I’ve used Apple’s native Garage Band for most of the recording duties. While it’s feature-rich, quite powerful, and plays well across the Apple ecosystem, it’s also large and for just exporting a simple voice audio, just a basic MP3?


The new Apple OS that integrates with the phone and all? This can record phone readings, I’m pretty sure. Not always the best quality, but good enough for what it is. Excellent, even.

Simplicity matters.

I recall agonizing over the decision to buy the app, it was twelve or fifteen bucks, max, at the time. Turned out to be well worth it.

The opposite of a complex answer, a super simple solution.