Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee in El Paso.

Unsure of a concept. I picked up “Death Wish Coffee” from someplace else, but had Amazon deliver it as a gift to my hosts in El Paso. They have one of those Keurig CoffeeMaker things, and I figured, as a control, it was much better to start with the little single-serve size.

Death by coffee

One of the Leo’s, explained, “Kramer Dude, I don’t like strong coffee, you’ll have to drink it.” I filled the coffee maker with a little more water then hit the “play” button, watching as the cup filled with Death Wish Coffee.

First sip? Tasted fine. Not really a dark roast, and then, a nice buzz to it. Seems a little warm, but not bad at all.

While sipping that first cup of coffee, I got an e-mail from a buddy, with a simple link, something about the “Matrix to explain hot/crazy women.”

Wasn’t vaguely sexist, it was, in this day and age, what I would call a tactical mistake. Funny, to me, and only someone in an impaired state of mind would post that.

So is the coffee good? I’m not sure. Not much in the flavor department, not like my preferred deep, dark, Italian Roast.

No, not as flavorful, but then, instead of two or three cups of coffee, I just had the one, and I could detect no difference in my behavior, other than upsetting on the little dogs because I laughed at the video, then opted to link to it.

No, no difference at all.

Doesn’t taste bad either, but yes, occasionally, I do have bad taste.

El Paso Psychic Fair

El Paso Psychic Fair

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