Tourist Welcome

Tourists Welcome

The Tourists Welcome Safety Parking, is a singular image I’ve toyed with much over the years.

In part, it was one of the first images I caught in San Antonio that sparked my sense of the absurd. At the time, a monthly subscription was $2.95. I liked that price point as it was most fair. I’m the first to admit, I’m not right every week. However, at that price point? Maybe once in a month, I am so VERY worth it. At least once a month, I’m worth much more than the price of downtown parking.

The rates have changed. Way it goes, I suppose.

That particular image is from across the street from San Antonio’s Market Square, a place of myth and community. Around the corner from the central cop shop and central booking, next to museum, and these days, a market that covers two city blocks, full of tourist trinkets, which, at one time, was like stepping into old Mexico.

The first time, it was breakfast with a date, and while she was somewhat amused, my incessant need to capture an image of the price of parking, “No in and out,” yes, always left my dates wondering about me.

Strange white people – and some of us are stranger than others.

It’s one thing to fly the Freak Flag, some of us are regarded as poster children for the cause.

Safety Parking Tourists Welcome is a favorite old friend. A singular image that might just my singular fascination.

A monthly subscription is still cheaper than parking.