Mercury Retrograde, in a Nutshell


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Mercury Retrograde, in a Nutshell is an attempt to condense an epic tome, available at (for free), and make that into a smaller, lighter, more appropriate essay for finite consideration. Mercury enters Scorpio around this date, and then in another few days, turns retrograde, with the exact dates available in a number of places, most notably, in my horoscopes.

This one starts in Scorpio but quickly recedes to Libra, so it starts in a feeling place, deep feeling Scorpio, deep-waters, them Scorpio, and it gradually goes backwards to Libra, a relationship sign. Mercury backs down over the last half of Libra, making this a time to examine where this passed year has taken us.

It’s about relationships, and it’s about relationships that have a romantic/sexual component, but that’s not all. Intimacy is brought up, as this past 9 month has fried intimacy on many levels. Questions for this Mercury Retrograde, starting in Scorpio, and not really out of it until Nov. 10?

    What works?

    What doesn’t work?

    Why doesn’t it work?

    Does it need to be fixed?

    Can it be fixed?

There’s a short list of reminders, taped to wall around here, someplace.

Does it make the world a better place?

Does it make me happy?

Does it add to my bank account?

If the answer is “NO?” Then don’t (redacted) do it.

Two sets of questions and single, almost harsh reminder, “No means ‘no.’ got it?”

Mercury Retrograde, in a Nutshell

Mercury, especially this one, at the end of this year? Remember when some people talked about “2014 is a year to remember!!!” Close to tenth months ago, I spoke about it as a great year to be an astrologer, but for the rest of you? Pay attention.

Venus Retrograde led to a Mercury Retrograde led to a Mars retrograde (in Libra) led to a Mercury Retrograde. Then Jupiter jumped into Leo with much fire and acclaim, a great resounding noise and fanfare!

This is a review of what we’ve already reviewed, courtesy of inner planet retrogrades (technically, Mars isn’t an inner planet, but he doesn’t behave like an outer planet, so just give me this one), and this hammers home the particular “take-away message” for this last year.

Relationships, what it’s all about. Romantical, varietal, quotidian, family. Friends. Friends with benefits. Friends with no benefits. Family of origin, family of choice. In-laws and outlaws. All of them. But mostly?

Relationships and how — who — we relate to. This one? It’s about reviewing our lessons from this last year or so, maybe ten months, maybe, back to the last Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio?

Portable Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes around the Sun every 88 days. The earth takes about three times as long, so it looks like Mercury is moving “backwards,” or in manner that is not consistent with the orbits of the stars. This is synodic period, and from ancient time, the lore is that this is period where Murphy Rules the Day.

Missed communication, more common blunders, not usually a good time to buy heavy equipment or electrical gear, perhaps not a good time to buy a new computer.

Retrograde stars with RE — good time to Renew, Review, Reword, Release.


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