Catalysts: Pathfinders and Motivation

Catalysts: Pathfinders and Motivation
It started out as an example from a client, names, and genders, redacted. Maybe.

Maybe not.

I have examples from my own life, too, but then, the set up is deceptively simple. I was in a relationship with one woman, stately, statuesque, stacked, so forth. It was a close-ended relationship as it had no future. Lots of physical romance, but not much magic after the first few dates. I was much younger. “Magic” didn’t matter, just the physical union.

Along came a pathfinder, my motivation to change. It was another woman, decidedly different from the first, but I was beholden unto the first, until such a time as a formal dissolution did occur.

    Hint: don’t date married women.

The second woman, the obsession, the dream, the fantasy? In my much younger years, the pathfinder was rare, and rarely lived up to her status as a fantasy. Over the years, I acquired knowledge, book learning, and more important, observational skills, I learned to recognize the pathfinders. Even better, tastes improved and my picking got better.

Choices, all about choices.

Catalysts: Pathfinders and Motivation

Until I can conjure a better term, “pathfinder” will do, in this example. I’ve seen this cross genders, so it is, most important: not gender specific. Quite the opposite. Married man or woman meets a single man or woman, sparks fly, text messages, e-mails, wanted and desired assignations that shouldn’t, on a clearly karmic level, occur.

It is what drives sane people crazy, or, in my own life, what I did was wait for formal dissolution, then move on to the next one.

Old joke about Sagittarius lovers, after sex? “What was your name and who’s next?”

Catalysts: Pathfinders and Motivation

Catalysts. A catalyst is defined as a compound or element that facilitates an ongoing chemical reaction while the catalyst is not changing itself. Or something like that.

The more common expression? Trite and possibly cliche? “A catalyst for change!”

Pathfinders, a catalyst on a personal level, exist in many places.

“I really, no really, wanted her until her divorce was finalized. Now? Not so much.”

There is more than a hint of the “Bright Shiny Object Syndrome” at work within this framework, but that, too, in this example, is not gender specific. All too frequently, and I’ve watched as the pattern gets repeated, the person that is out-of-reach, once that situation changes, then the level of desire changes, too.

Catalysts drive us further, and frankly, I don’t care what the motivation is, catalysts serve to drive the pathfinders further.

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