Brands, Branding and Loyalty

It’s about Brands, Branding, and Loyalty, and why I feel strongly attached to one brand, more or less, for certain clothes.

On one of the Tumbler feeds, there was a series of vintage Levi ads. Levi’s, the jeans, the original jeans. Used to have metal rivet in the crotch until an early pioneer caught heat. True story, but sounds like myth.

Worn them for years, although, I no longer have any of the (proudly) “Made in the USA” tagged ones, not anymore. As I’ve drifted further south, the need to wear long pants is less of an issue. Used to be, in Austin, jeans were all but required from mid-November through the tail end of February. It gets downright chilly in the winter, some nights.

While I’m still a loyalist to that one brand, it is increasingly hard to tell why. Jeans, made in the USA, I wonder if there are any specialty, boutique, handcrafted jeans like that, now?

Handcrafted, built in America with nothing but locally-sourced components, with a server that is in America, too? Not off-shore?

Brands, Branding and Loyalty?

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