Austin, and Two-Meat Tuesday

Austin, and Two-Meat Tuesday: Amazon and Hatchette are currently still at war, right? This entry dates from more than a year ago.

Here’s the facts, it costs about a dime, maybe a little more, to pay for digital storage for a single one of my books as an eBook. That’s the full retail price too. I host (serve and deliver) some of my own titles, under the moniker, “ press.” As that entity, I’ve done a thumbnail sketch of cost, for server, CPU time, processor cycles, bandwidth, electricity, all of it, and for something like Two Meat Tuesday, costs maybe a dime a year. That isn’t a metaphorical dime, like $100, that’s one then American dime, $0.10, got it?

When I can, I set the digital price of my eBooks at 99 cents, or, free, when it’s possible.

The Hatchet argument that it costs money to develop an author is true, but the sad fact is the price of an eBook really doesn’t need to be over $2.99. In my collection, I have a few 25 cent paperbacks, and that’s contributed to my education. Think of the eBook as the 99-cent version of pulp magazines.

Nature’s Treasures, in Austin, still has a few of my books. 

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