Separation of Church and State

Separation of Church and State: Transparent Web Hosting — Domain Name Registration.

Separation of Church and State:

Part 1: Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration was blown open by the ad, “99 cent” registration. Add nominal services, like protection and privacy? I’ve seen it run upwards of $20-30 per year, or more.

One price. One stop. Integrity, and it feels like the old days, when business could be done with just a handshake, no onerous fineprint to contend with? is the single place I go. Only place I can recommend. That is an affiliate link, but I don’t really make anything but bonus points on that. As far as a service goes, does one thing, and the company does it exceptionally well.

One buddy noted, after I got him hooked, that the interface was so — “1995.” It is. It also works on iPads, phones, 8088 computers. Purely about function and the simple function of the business is to register and point domain names.

More than one client has complained about surcharges and moving from host to host as the hosts refuses to relinquish the control of the domain names. Which is why I strongly encourage, separation of church and state. Keep the registration at a separate place from the hosting. has given me trouble-free, absolutely rock-solid service. Not just good, but great.

In the course of the years I’ve used at half a dozen domain name registers, and dollar for dollar, price points, features, technology, safety and simplicity? is best. Buy the domain name from a specialist and leave the problems to them. No hassles, and more important? No up-sell. One product, served up exceptionally well.

Separation of Church and State:

Part 2: Transparent Web Hosting

Transparent Web Hosting Couple of years ago, I was looking for a new web host, the place where the actual files reside. I watched, as a local buddy kept suggesting that the best host was WP Engine. How’s that working now?

There are two companies that recommend, but I’m always open for progress. One is —

Because my hosting demands outstrip a simple, shared server environment, in plain words, I require too much for the “unlimited/unlimited” deals, I moved from one shared server deal to a HostGator VPS, and I was not displeased, just needed more processing horsepower than was allotted. Plus the website stats started to eat up available space.

I have set up numerous accounts on HostGator, and for getting started?

Buy off my link, I’ll hook you up.

Better yet? for details.

Buy the managed package from my current host, — nothing but good stuff.

I’ve used a half-dozen web hosts, and I’ve banged my head against the wall, helping folks who are hosted on other web hosts… Ain’t my first rodeo. Period.

So far, as management goes, the biggest obstacle is that is now owned by, which, in turn, spent more on marketing than hardware.

I’d be perturbed, but in the ensuing year the only change has been a slightly pricey “managed hosting” set-up on for three WordPress sites, all managed and secured by the host. Less fuss. “Managed WordPress Hosting,” means they — the host — does all the heavy lifting, and they — the host — looks after security, backups, all the boring details.

Based on the previous near-flawless year with It would be a good deal.