Bloom’s Day

Bloom’s Day
June 16 1664: “So home to supper and bed.”

Excerpt From: Pepys, Samuel. “The Diary of Samuel Pepys.” iBooks.

Vincit Qui Primum Gerit

Ulysses by James Joyce.

Nature's Treasures Desktop

Nature’s Treasures Desktop

Portable Mercury Retrograde

Publishing and Reading, con’t.
Older link about a company making a move to pick up older backlist rights, as in, many book published before 1994 have no digital contractual limits. Interesting deal and lots of room to move, on that one.

Personally, I prefer the 99-cent version, and I’ll sell 10 at $0.99 compared to one at $6.99 — consider, too, the storage and delivery costs the same and runs, maybe, a few pennies.

As an example, any 99 cent title on Amazon or Apple’s iBooks is a 50 to 70 cents (royalty) profit for the author.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Ulysses strictly as an e-book, and even better, it was free, although paid versions are available.

Bloom’s Day explained.