Godless Heathen

Godless Heathen
Godless Heathen is an example of straight up, “point and click with a phone.”

Grocery store parking lot, south side, and I grabbed a few items. Saw the truck. Figured a quick image was well-worth it. Slipped the phone out of my pocket, snapped an image, forgot about it, picked up few items, looked at fishing lures, got home, didn’t download the images until the next day, thought about tweaking it, and gave up.

Not cropped, not “messed with” in any way. Just straight image. Part of this is what Bexar County Line is all about.

Part of it, is also my “godless heathen heart.” Just does me right to see that every once in a while.

There’s a reason San Antonio has been endlessly fascinating for me.