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The list of my books available, along with some friends, is available at, rather a simple way to recall the location, no?

In that list, at least three, no, four of the books have their own, dedicated websites. Not much more than a sales page on its own URL, the books in order are like this:

Drawer for Wishes
Bexar County Line
The Portable Mercury Retrograde
Two-Meat Tuesday
Astrology Compatibility by Birthdate:
Fishing Guide to the Stars: Fishing for Love
(thru the zodiac)

On the main site, the book list started as a single entry, then, as publishing demands and the industry itself underwent a melt-down, with a indie-publishing arising from the ashes, my books quickly went from a single item to multiple items in a myriad of formats.

For the time being, I’m down to just four formats, the ubiquitous PDF I host and sell myself, the Kindle copy on Amazon, the iBooks version on iTunes, and Print-On-Demand (real books).

Any text is now available as a Print-On-Demand book. No big secret, anymore.

I much much prefer Apple’s iBook versions over any other digital copy as the pages perform better, are easier to read, and easier, for me to annotate, which, if I get back to the real problem with digital texts, is that lack of note-taking ability, the scribbles in the margins.

An ongoing project includes a complete rewrite of all the text in the astrology chart reports, so that’s offline for a little while. What I did was expand the book page and doubled up with the astrology-only texts on the basic sales page, the usual page.

After having toyed with several versions, and I’ve found that Apple seems to pay quicker than Amazon, and I’ve read about Amazon writers making all kinds of cash, but I don’t see it myself. (Maybe I should write chick-lit.) I was about to erase the PDF option when, after I adjusted the “book list” and “about” pages, I had a sale come through.

A single sale of a single text is hardly a complete, working sampling, but it proved that the adjustment was working.

The weirdest one on my list wasn’t a book at all, until an afterthought.

BareFoot Astrology

That was a refined, staged, edited, partially scripted, class and workshop, all rolled into a single video. Expanded, transcribed as a book, a few years later, it still doesn’t have a niche of its own. Book, digital classroom, lecture, workshop. Not sure what it is.

As an addendum, I always thought that BareFoot Astrology should be required as an adjunct to my horoscopes. Makes sense.

The books, which format for digital? I’m in the big three, plus printed copies are available.

Show up with a printed copy, and I’ll be more than happy to sign it. eBooks have digital signature option available, too, see listing for details.

Here’s a strange tip: the digital versions of all books are available — at no extra cost — to paid subscribers. Sign up for a dollar, and get the entire catalog for free.