Bexar Biblio Tech

Bexar Biblio Tech
Love me some library. Public libraries, a repository of data, best-seller listed sources. Bexar Biblio Tech uses the 3M software.

My experience is that the software mostly works well, but, one some occasions, needs a reboot. Not complaining.

As a resource? It is amazing. The online lending library, with “backwater” San Antonio being the first major metro area to have one.

Previously mentioned, this one girlfriend got me hooked on Stuart Woods’ books. Lightweight easing, but the art and craft of the text is impeccable. Those books, available on Amazon and iBooks, but that one girlfriend, she liked the hardback versions. While nice, for me? I much prefer the digital copy, reads faster for me, easier to handle.

Buy a copy, stick it on the shelf, then check the digital copy out of the library, to read.

Stuck between two worlds.