Best Practices

Best Practices
A dear Leo was asking two questions, one was about mailing lists, sign up for mine on the right-hand side of the site, where it says, “Sign up here” or something, and and the other question was the extreme agitation over the current astrology weather.

Pay attention:

    2011 mention
    2013 bit here
    and the most recent.

Can’t say this weather snuck up on us, as my earliest reference is from three years ago. So work with it. Don’t work against it. My final summation was quite simple, pay attention to the signs and see where they guide us.

The mailing list was the genesis of this idea, and that was a good example. “Best Practices” suggest that Monday is a bad day to mail, and Tuesday morning is the best day to launch a mass email with any other day not being as well-suited to being read.

“Studies have shown that Tuesday email gets read most frequently.”

My weekly mail goes around 9:45 AM, Wednesday mornings. Time is convenient for me. What it amounts to, it’s about 12 hours before the new horoscopes roll out on the site, and that’s a timing that is derived from years of work. At first, it was a Monday column, then, with one editor insisting I could get picked up for a weekly news-print publication, we moved the date to Thursday morning. It did lessen the load on the server. Hardware wasn’t getting pounded into a smoking ruin at first light on Monday mornings. Then, too, when the last “assistant” crapped out and faded away, the Thursday morning schedule was much easier for me to manage with an ongoing work-load.

For the last ten years, or so, I’ve managed the weekly column(1), and a Tuesday weekly podcast episode(2), plus the daily weblog(3). No problem.

“Best Practices” don’t always apply. There’s a happy medium that I’ve got to find between what’s best for me, for my work flow and processes, and what’s best for content delivery. What works. What doesn’t work as well.

No, no Tuesday morning e-mail from me, hawking products.


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