Signs of Attractions

Signs of Attractions
The way it looked, I figured tattoo, piercing place. Sign painter — and printer — apparently.

However, besides as a way to push my own book, see this site, I found a way to make love last: Queen Size mattress.

One expert suggested the that one of the tenets of a good relationship was always going to bed at the same time, together. I’d take that a step further, with the Queen-Size mattress idea.

As a very single person in Austin, I found the Queen-Size to be the perfect balance between restful slumber and center for performance arts. That was then.

“After that I became very lonesome; had nothing to think of but my little Texas girl—the only one on earth I loved. While sitting “on herd” in the hot sun, or lounging around camp in the shade of the wagon—there being no trees in that country to supply us with shade—my mind would be on nothing but her.”

Excerpt From: Chas. A. Siringo. “A Texas Cow Boy / or, fifteen years on the hurricane deck of a Spanish pony, / taken from real life.”

I still love that sub-title best.

Judgmental map of San Antonio.

There has too be a true love of place, no matter where one is.

Bexar County Line