Pink Cake Rewind

Pink Cake Rewind

It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations.
Winston Churchill

Reworked for Apple’s iBook format, a fresh digital version, not any different in content, just, hopefully, more fluid for i-device readers.

The Pink Cake Book

pinkcake cover
Pink Cake iBook

Check it out, for free, here.

The title itself, “Pink Cake,” came about after living for a very short time on the south side of downtown San Antonio. I kept encountering, in various local markets, a branding of white sheet cake, with pink icing, or pink frosting, and the simple sign, “Pink Cake.”

It’s mere sheet cake with a pink frosting, and not terribly good, to my uncultured tastes. Still, it was everywhere for a few weeks, and then, months later, as a birthday cake for me. To this day, it still appears as a marker on my side project, more a localized curiosity than anything else.

One Latin Lady, a friend of a fishing buddy, she endeavored to explain it, “It’s like, see, oh, you’re white, you wouldn’t get it.”