Austin: Ahead of the Crush

Austin: Ahead of the Crush
SXSW, F1, ACL, &c.
“What was Austin like, back in the day?”
Title: Two-Meat Tuesday
ISBN-13: 978-1411638723

See me in Austin, on this Tuesday. Two weeks ago, I told them I wouldn’t be wearing long pants the next time. Guess I didn’t account for sudden cold weather.

Inbound Mail, this is how to do it:

>I am emailing on behalf of
>Following a recent drop in our rankings
>we have been reviewing all of the links to our
>site and have decided to try to
>remove any that could possibly be marked by Google
>as unnatural. Whilst this isn’t suggesting
>that your link to us isn’t natural we just want to
>be as cautious as possible.
>Would you be able to help us by
>either removing or adding a
>nofollow to any links you
>have to us?
>This is what we found linking to us: –
>Please let me know if you are able to
>help us with this and what we need to do to get
>the link removed.
>Thanks in advance
>Peter Hill
>Time: February 27, 2014 at 5:43 am
IP Address: logged

Second time I’ve had that, so yes, the link was removed.

In 2009, that was the company’s viral image, and it got a ton of mileage. A few years later, the deep links, I guess, are not as welcome.

Have to wonder, any relation?

In Other News:
In Austin for the day. E-mail for available time slots, still.

Useless Stats:
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Outages 15
Uptime 99.86%
Outages 10

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