The Wisdom of Serge

Tiger Shrimp Book Cover

The Wisdom of Serge
“If we can just sit them down and listen to a mash-up of ‘Margaritaville’ and ‘Casey Jones,’ we’re halfway home.”

“As any theoretical mathematician will tell you, it is the statistical anomaly that bears out the equation.”

“They’ve all been to strip clubs. Beauty is beauty, and then there’s new, like the unsymmetrical cant of Ellen Barkin’s smile, or Lauren Hutton’s tooth gap.”

“. . . And another item from the growing file of people who voluntarily wear dunce caps,” said Serge. “You’ll be talking cordially to someone and make an offhand reference, ‘I recently read where—’ and they’ll cut you off and say, ‘Oh, I don’t read’ . . . This is a tragedy on so many different levels. First, because they don’t read, they don’t know enough to keep it to themselves. Next, and this is the most amazing part, they use a demeaning tone like I’m the stupid one for wasting time with books.”

‘Serge hit a blinker for the left lane. “You know the difference between Floridians and everyone else in the world?”
“We drive around all day and get totally baked?”
“Alligators,” said Serge.’

Tiger Shrimp Tango – Tim Dorsey